Thursday, November 16, 2006

Listen To The General

Generals, they are our battlefield leaders; some of them have gone threw the passage of time and have become even more of a mythical figure than a real person, such as one of my personal heroes Old Blood and Guts himself, George S. Patton, but there have been others who have lead the way.

Douglas MacArthur, Black Jack Pershing, vinegar Joe Stillwell, Holland “Howlin’ Mad” Smith and certainly not least, the GI General Omar Bradley.

These are men who lead from the front and took the battle to the enemy wherever he might have been and did not relent until ultimate victory was achieved and all enemies vanquished.

Now leading us over in Iraq is 4 star General John Abizaid who has been serving this country since 1973 and who has racked up quite an impressive collection of medals and awards that anyone would be honored to have.

Defense Distinguished Service Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster), Distinguished Service Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster), Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters), Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Army Commendation Medal (with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Army Achievement Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Infantryman Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, Ranger Tab, Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge, Army Staff Identification Badge.

This is a man who has lead troops in battle before and has had great success doing so, he has the experience that we do not and his opinion on such matters as troop withdrawl should be heavily relied upon.

He has fought in the following conflicts,
Operation Urgent Fury, Gulf War, Operation Deliberate Force, Kosovo Conflict, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He has also held the following commands,
3rd Battalion, 325th Airborne, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, United States Military Academy, United States Central Command.

I very sincerely doubt that Hillary Clinton has the ability to grasp anything military related, she has absolutely no experience regarding the military except her failed husband who the vast majority of military personnel hated.

These Men did not rise to the rank of General by their good looks of just by good fortune; they earned it every bit of the way with their sweat, their blood and their tears.

We entrust these men with the protection of our country and to lead our armed military forces, we should not disregard their valuable insight and experience, for none of us has even remotely had the type of knowledge as these Generals and this one in particular.

Questioning the General in Washington, Hillary Clinton said, “Hope is not a strategy. Hortatory talk about what the Iraqi government must do is getting old. I mean, I have heard over and over again the government must do this. The Iraqi army must do that. Nobody disagrees with that. The brutal fact is it is not happening.”

In response the General said, “Senator, I agree with you. And I would also say that despair is not a method. And when I come to Washington, I feel despair. When I'm in Iraq with my commanders, when I talk to our soldiers, when I talk to the Iraqi leadership, they are not despairing. They believe that they can move the country towards stability with our help, and I believe that. This has been a very hard and difficult process and over the length of time we have learned some hard lessons. We haven't misled people. We have learned some hard lessons.”

We will win this war, the only way to lose is to leave early, that much is obvious.

The Generals and troops can see that why can’t the Democrats?

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