Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republican defeat will force Bush change on Iraq: US media

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The Democrats keep saying we need a change of course in Iraq, we are trying to win, it seems to me that the want to lose.

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Carl said...

I don’t think this election is a surprise or the “big referendum” the news pundits are making it out to be. Admittedly I am a Republican (and a Christian), but I do not count myself with the religious right. Both parties are full of hypocrisy, Nancy Pelosi being the biggest hypocrite of all with here millions of dollars and employment of un-documented workers for her wine vineyards. If Pelosi and her extremist followers had there way we regular folk (she and her pals would be exempt) would be driving around in horse and buggy and working by candle light so as to not harm the environment.
Another point that played into the election is that (unfortunately) many Americans saw the Republican answer (which could have been done better) to Michael J Fox’s commercial as an attack, when in reality Fox opened himself up for criticism, but the media would not allow a fair discussion here. The problem was that people in the media thought that Fox was above criticism because of his disease, but he was not. If someone with every bad thing that could happen to a person came out and backed Osama Bin Laden (or Adolph Hitler) as the greatest most moral man to walk the planet, they should be open to criticism (Quite honestly my life has sucked, but I am not above criticism.

The interesting thing about the large switch of congressional seats is unlike the pundits claim of a referendum, this is quite normal in two ways; One it is common for the party in power (President) to loose seats in the midterm; Two every president since the Civil War has lost seats in a big way during war time, and this includes Roosevelt in WWII (considered to be a popular war?) and Lincoln in the Civil War. And I personally think Lincoln was our greatest president, the Emancipation Proclamation was very un-popular and as important as the Civil War was in holding our nation together, it was neither popular or a good vs. evil war (unlike WWII in my opinion), there were plenty of issues on both sides.

Carl Strohmeyer