Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Resurgent Democrats win control of House

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God help us all!


Tom said...

Now for my gloat..

Remember my prediction.. 30 house and 7 senate.. you asked what I was smoking.. Looks like it's going to end up 29 house (maybe more) and 6 senate. Har..

Santorum.. gone
Hayworth.. gone
Allen.. gone

The list goes on and on..

But, the important thing is that this is not a fluke. This is America re-balancing after a catastrophic mess that the Republicans have created. Democrats will build on these tidal waves of victory in the future, solidifying Congress, and capturing the executive in '08.

Democrats also gained a majority of governorships.

Democrats also gained a majority of state legislatures.

Welcome to the new America - where the fundi freak parade is nothing but a bad memory.

Rightwing Guy said...

This is a fluke and the Dems can't win with Hillary as the Presidental candidate, not is this world. I suppose you forget that we still have the Senate and the President, the dems won't be able to do anything.

Tom said...

Dems can't win? Heard that one before.. What you saw last night was a major league ass kicking..

And the Senate is Democratic as well..

Get used to it bubba.. and be sure and get over to Iraq before the "war" is over..