Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Retreatacrats, The New Democratic Party

Retreat: The Act or process of withdrawing especially from difficulty or danger.

Anyone who knows the Democrats can certainly attest to the fact that they are retreating from savages in dirty bed sheets which will lead to the greatest disgrace in our illustrious military history and they can not be allowed to complete the tasks of early withdrawal of our troops.

It appears that this new Democratic control of the House and Senate is destined to repeat the mistakes of the past and cut the legs right out from underneath our soldiers fighting against these savages every single day while we enjoy the safety and freedom they are dying for.

To the Democrats it doesn’t matter if we achieve victory so long as we escape Iraq by any means, they are contempt to leave the place in chaos and redeploy our troops to Okinawa and other areas outside Iraq.

We have a responsibility to finish what we have started; we have said that we will not leave the people of Iraq before the job is done, but once again the Democrats feel that making sure this country is strong enough to defend itself and govern itself is not important enough.

They would have brave American soldiers die in vain for what they believe is a worthless cause that some Democrat leadership has called “a un winnable war”, with that type of leadership who needs enemies.

I will call John Murtha a traitor, I don’t care if he is a retired Marine, I am not talking about his prior service, but what his actions and comments are now doing to the American servicemen and women.

He calls them “cold-blooded killers” and says this war cannot be won, he says our troops are the very reason for the violence, he doesn’t blame the savage terrorist, but our own troops, he my friends is a disgrace.

There will be a certain loony liberal who will come to this page and say that I have no place to attack John Murtha because I was not in the military for as long as him, we all know that’s the excuse that the liberals try to use every time and the Ann Coulter proved that point very effectively.

The left always wants to bring out people who they believe are infallible and who they believe cannot be criticized, Michael J Fox comes to mind, they do this hoping to quell any dissident from other people.

I want victory in Iraq, now many people have asked what that means and I will tell you now, victory means not leaving before the job is done, victory means that the Iraqi government is strong enough to defend themselves and their own country.

My friends we have lost less than 3,000 soldiers in over 3 years, while any death is sad the lives lost have been at a historical low, hell we lost 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam before the war was deemed un-winnable.

Hell is World War II we had battles that easily cost the lives of way more soldiers than that and most of those battles where for little islands help by the Japanese, we have taken over an entire country the size of California and held it for over 3 years and we have only lost less than 3,000 troops, that’s a pretty fucking good to me.

They want to appease our enemies by leaving Iraq, like that is going to stop the inherent violence that permeates from the region of the world, which is why I believe that the Democrats have started a new political party, The Retreatacrats.

If we do not achieve victory we get defeat and that’s something no true American wants.

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