Friday, November 10, 2006

Who Will The Democrats Blame Now?

Who will the Democrats blame when they are unable to effect change in this country in the kind of ways that will further their own agenda, Bush still I’m sure, there hatred for him is undeniable and unrelenting.

Donald Rumsfeld can no longer be fingered as the person who is causing so much useless killing and suffering, his resignation has forced the Democrats to re-evaluate their intended strategy to take over the White House in 08’.

Just listen to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Minority leader,” Certainly, the personality of Rumsfeld had become an abstract -- an abstraction from what we were trying to accomplish. And I think that we all recognize that it is not personality, as much as policy. And we would hope, with the new secretary of defense, there will be some policy changes. That is what is, I think, key to success in Iraq, is, change the policy.”

Asked if Donald Rumsfeld will affect the policy of the war resident bitch Nancy Pelosi said,” Well, first of all, the president is the commander-in- chief. Donald Rumsfeld and whoever the president appoints or is confirmed, Mr. Gates in this case, is an employee of the president. So the policy is the president's. The implementation of the policy is Mr. Rumsfeld. And that's why I think it was important for him to go.”

These are clearly people who are gleeful about the fact that Rumsfeld is gone, considering that they basically insulted him day in and day out, but not all are assholes like these two.

Senator John McCain, who I’m not a big fan of, probably said it best,” While Secretary Rumsfeld and I have had our differences, he deserves America's respect and gratitude for his many years of public service. He has mine.

This important change offers the administration and Congress a fresh opportunity to examine all aspects of our strategy and tactics in Iraq, and make whatever changes are necessary to succeed there.

I look forward to discussing with secretary-designate Gates his ideas for correcting the mistakes of the past, whether we are following the right strategy today, and whether we have sufficient troops in Iraq to provide the level of security that is indispensable to defeating the insurgency and achieving a political resolution of sectarian violent conflict there.

I also intend to discuss with Mr. Gates the urgent necessity of increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps to alleviate the terrible strain on our active-duty forces, Guard and Reserve, and meet the many challenges that confront us in this difficult time.

I believe this change today also provides an opportunity for greater bipartisan cooperation on Iraq policy, for Republicans and Democrats of goodwill to work together towards securing victory.

Victory is still attainable in Iraq. Our defeat there would have very dangerous consequences for the United States, our allies, and those Iraqis who have risked their lives to work with us.

It is difficult to imagine the United States escaping from the chaos that would ensue in Iraq and in the broader Middle East, without serious damage to our most vital interests, not to mention our standing in the world. We must prevail.

However weary Americans are of the war in Iraq, doing what we must do to win there will bring our troops home as quickly as we can with a victory that they have sacrificed so much to achieve.”

It’s nice to see the difference between the two parties, the Republicans can actually lose with some grace and dignity unlike the Democrats who whenever they lose have to make a big fuss and have recount after recount after recount until they can steal the election.

I am very eager for the upcoming politics as I believe the Republicans will show the country how really scary and outrageous the agenda of the Democrats and liberals really is.

What I am not eager for is what I believe will be a mostly wasteful upcoming 2years because the Democrats already have endless investigations on the way which will take time and effort from what really needs to be taken care of.

We must seal the border and tax these illegals for a considerable chunk of change and make them build the fucking fence! That’s how they can pay of their debt to this country.

Thank god the Democrats will not be able to set foreign policy, as that job lies with the President, who like him or not is going to be around for a couple more years unless the Democrats go back and break their word, which would not be the first time.

The thing I fear most is that the Democrats will continue in their effort to pussify this country and its young men by shoving drugs down the throat of Americans across the country how have no need for them in the first place.

There is one thing that I am positive about; the Democrats will be giving me and everyone else all the ammo and writing opportunities that we will be able to handle.

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Donald Douglas said...

The Democrats can't engage in recrimination -- they have to govern the Congress responsibly. That means working with the president to address issues important to the American people, and impeachment (for which a bunch of lefty bloggers are calling) is not one of them. So far, there's little talk of a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. Also, business groups appear confident that tax and regulatory reform will proceed moderately. Let's all hope that things go smoothly. The Democratic majority is temporary, I predict, and we can all look forward to keeping the White House and picking back up some of the lost congressional seats in '08.

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