Sunday, November 19, 2006

World War III?

Some of you are a little apprehensive when it comes to this subject, I however am not, I see what’s going on all over the world and realize that if something does not happen soon regardless of what we want, a future global war is a very real and serious threat.

Canada, Spain, England, Denmark, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Somalia and our own country are only a few of the places where the hordes of Islamic savages run free and create problems.

They try and force their religion upon us and when there is any criticism about them our there actions what do they do? They mass protest, violently in most cases.

We all remember the fashion in which Muslims acted when those Danish cartoons came out depicting Mohammed with a bomb on his turbine and so on, but the actions taken by these people where extremely violent and uncalled for and once again proved people right when they labeled Islam, “The religion of Hate”.

"If we don't have guts enough to confront this ideology today, we'll move toward World War III tomorrow," General John Abizaid said at a forum at Harvard University,where he has received a master’s degree.

The General understands that we cannot roll over and appease our enemies the way certain people did with the Nazi’s in the 1920’s and 30’s, it is very unhealthy for this country and only allows our enemies to grow stronger and more bold.

"We must defeat the extremism of Bin-Laden and his associated movement," he said. "It's murderous, it's ruthless, it's very capable, it's linked in a virtual way in the world that should give us great concern," he said.

The commander of US Central Command said Al-Qaeda had unprecedented strength as a network and that "it seeks to develop a weapon of mass destruction against us.”

"Go to their websites to understand what's going on with the ideology and be worried about it," said four star General John Abizaid.

We as a people cannot afford for these people to take our lands over and let them push us again and again, we must fight back at all times and with the greatest amount of firepower that is available to us.

The Muslim world does not think in the short term as our country does, they think about things in the big picture and they remember what we have been able to do against them in the past and they will remember it forever.

"I think the way that we have to confront this is we've got to move progress forward in the Arab-Israeli Theater. We've got to move the peace process forward no matter how hard it is because people have to have a hope for a better future.

"A lot of what is happening in this area is about hopelessness," he said.
Many people believe that a World War III is coming; I on the other hand feel that we are already fighting that war and it has many fronts such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia and soon to be Iran.

We all know how the Islamic world feels about women in their society, they subjugate them, demean them and abuse them, but just think at the contempt the Islamic world would have for our country if Hillary Clinton was elected President.

We need to be fighting these battles over seas because no one wants for any of these battles to take place upon our own ground and our own shores and we cannot be allowed to run from these barbaric savages in dirty bed sheets.

We are the United States of America and we are the strongest country in the world, lets start acting like it!

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