Saturday, December 23, 2006

IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 2

Well apparently some people did not understand or grasp what I was trying to say yesterday when I compared the IRA, or Irish Republican Army to the fanatical Muslim terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas.

For some insane reason some of you think that I support the IRA or that I am not being as hard on them as Muslim terrorists because they are white Europeans and not from the Middle East.

Both are very wrong, I do not support terrorism in any form and believe that any terrorists should be brought to justice no matter what race they are or for what cause they fight for.

What I believe is that the IRA, while terrorists, cannot be compared with those savages of the Middle East. Yes I know fully what the IRA has done, they have killed many innocent people, but there is a difference between these terrorist groups and that difference cannot be ignored.

Hezbollah and Hamas respectively do not fight to unite a country and they sure as hell do not fight with an honor, but are complete barbaric savages hell bent on imposing their will through the sword.

The IRA for the most part does not specifically target civilians, it has happened, but for the most part is has come as collateral damage when they try and target the police or military targets.

They also do not make it a practice of strapping bombs to children then exploding them, I also do not see the IRA chopping heads off and then posting it on the internet. Not to mention that the IRA does not want to impose its religious views upon the entire world such as the Muslims do.

This does not excuse their actions in anyway; I’m just trying to explain the difference.

Now take Hezbollah/Hamas, they have absolutely no problem chopping heads off and targeting children to make their point, they are gleeful in the fact that they want you to pray to their god or you they will kill you chanting his name.

These crazies only fight for their religion, and have no honor, they want to take over the world and make everyone bow before them and Allah.

While I am part English my loyalties lie first and foremost to the United States and than to Ireland, the British have been more than ruthless in the dealings with the Irish over the years and while I do not hate the English in any way, I still do not like the fact that they have not left Ireland to the Irish.

I do call upon the British to cease their holdings in Northern Ireland and cede those areas back to the Irish to whom which they belong.

If you all cannot see the difference between these organizations than that is not my problem, I can clearly see the difference and anyone with some common sense and a little brains could also come to that same conclusion.

This is part II of a four part series. Get part one by clicking Here.

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