Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 3

I have listened to everyone’s point of view regarding this subject and I still have come to the same conclusion that I did when I first wrote my original post trying to explain the differences between the Irish Republican Army and Hezbollah/Hamas.

You all can argue all you want, but I can never put the IRA on the same level as Hezbollah or Hamas.

I’ve said this many times, but apparently I need to repeat myself once again, while no one questions that the IRA are terrorists, they are not religious fundamentals trying to change the world to follow their sick religious ideals.

They do not come close to the utter insane barbaric behavior that seems to fester in the Muslim world, I have never once seen an Irishman cutting the head off a person and posting it on the internet while they pray to god, why not?, because that’s what savages do.

True the Irish are fanatical and they are extremely religious, but they are not trying to impose their will on others.

They have indeed killed innocent people and have targeted innocent people, but the vast majority of the time they actually attack and target the military and police with the civilians as collateral damage; this does not excuse the IRA’s action in any way.

Hezbollah and Hamas gleefully target civilians with no thought of the destruction that they create. They strap bombs to their children and send them into markets, ice cream shops and buses and than blow them up trying to kill as many innocent people as possible.

Ireland has been occupied by a foreign power for quite some time and the IRA has been fighting to end that. While I do agree with the IRA that the British should cede Ireland to the Irish, I cannot justify the means in which they are trying to achieve it.

The savages of the Middle East do not fight for any other reason then to oppress the world and would have everyone bow down before them or loose their heads.

Everyone is not going to like my views on this subject, but this is the way I feel.

Everyone who frequents my blog knows that I am a staunch advocate of destroying terrorist where ever they are in the world, the IRA is included in this, and all I am doing is trying to demonstrate the differences between these organizations.

The IRA has laid down its weapons and has adopted the political process and has put their weight behind the political party of Sein Finn in the hopes of ending the British occupation of Northern Ireland.

This is something the Muslims could never and will never do.

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