Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keith Ellison Is A Disgrace

Normally one would think that if you were a Congressman elected by the people of a certain state, in this case Minnesota, that you would do what is in the best interest of that state and the people who elected you in the first place and not put your religion in front of your country and/or state.

I do know for a fact that when Ellison was representing criminals who were in jail that he would not even talk to the white people down at the county jail where my mother works and only would talk to the black people and inmates, sad.

He has covered his background good enough to win the election, but anyone who looks will find that this man has supported terrorist organizations and has supported the staunch anti-American CAIR and has supported Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam.

Dennis Prager stated that, “Insofar as a Member of Congress taking an oath to serve America and uphold its values is concerned, America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don’t serve in Congress. America, not Keith Ellison, decides what book a Congressman takes his oath on. Using the Quran rather than a Bible undermines American civilization”.

Keith Ellison has not used his new status to help the American people and has even stood up the President when Bush requested a meeting and instead went to Florida to go talk with members of CAIR.

If Keith Ellison was intent on representing the people of Minnesota who elected him than we would swear in on a bible and actually represent the overwhelming majorities view on religion, because we sure as hell are not a Muslim state and that would happen over my cold dead rotting body.

Republican Congressman Virgil Goode of Virgina wrote, "The Muslim representative from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don't wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran."

He went on to say, "I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped."

I am very sad to say that this man is suppose to represents me, which obviously he does not and I sure as hell did not vote for him and I will never support him for he doesn’t even give a shit about me or any other white person in this state.

Dennis Prager also makes a great point when he states, “Devotees of multiculturalism and political correctness who do not see how damaging to the fabric of American civilization it is to allow Ellison to choose his own book need only imagine a racist elected to Congress. Would they allow him to choose Hitler's "Mein Kampf," the Nazis' bible, for his oath? And if not, why not? On what grounds will those defending Ellison's right to choose his favorite book deny that same right to a racist who is elected to public office?”

This man is a disgrace to Congress, the state of Minnesota and the Country as a whole and I have no doubt that he will again choose his faith over his country.

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