Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Ira vs. Hezbollah/Hamas Round 4

There are still some of you who class the IRA, or Irish Republican Army, with those savage towel heads in the Middle East and it boggles my mind at how the comparison starkly contrasts the struggle of the six counties of Northern Ireland who actually have a legitimate gripe over the continued occupation of Ireland by the British.

While I agree with the IRA in what they are fighting for, there can be no excuse, at all to kill mass innocents, people who conduct such activities should be brought to justice and put to death by all means necessary.

The biggest difference is that the IRA last July laid down its weapons and made permanent their 1997 cease-fire agreement and then proceeded to back that commitment by handing its weapons stockpiles to disarmament chiefs.

Compare that with the savages of Hezbollah in Lebanon whose leader Hassan Nasrallah has openly and defiantly said that they will not disarm as per the United Nations agreement to stop the fighting with Israel.

Hezbollah does not want peace and they have no interests of becoming a solely political entity, they are a proxy of Iran and used to disrupt the region as Iran sees fit, trying to spread their influence over neighboring countries and counter Americas growing influence.

Hamas is still killing people brutally on a regular basis in Gaza and their outright refusal to work with rival faction Fatah and to recognize Israel is causing the slow death of many of its innocent people.

The governments of Britain and Ireland released a report that confirmed that the Irish Republican Army is no longer a threat to Northern Ireland, a finding they hope will help revive a Catholic-Protestant administration that has been stalled.

While I also wish for a free and united Ireland I do not believe killing innocent people is the best way to achieve this goal, which is why I have been eager to see what Sinn Fein, the IRA linked party that represents most of the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, can do to achieve this through political ends.

When those savages in the Middle East show that they are capable of peace and keeping their word than maybe, just maybe the world and myself will have a different opinion.

The world has seen the violence in the Middle East everyday carried out by people who have no respect for life and no respect for anything other than overwhelming force.

While many of you have said the IRA is just as bad or worse than Hezbollah and Hamas ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw the IRA beheading an innocent person while chanting for god and than post it on the internet?

Or when do you see crazy Irish guys strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up schools, buses, ice cream parlors and markets killing themselves and anyone else unlucky enough to be there.

You don’t and that’s my point.

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