Friday, March 10, 2006

Abu Ghraib To Have New Ownership

On Thursday the U.S. Military said that it would begin moving upwards of 4,500 prisoners to a new lockup near Baghdad's airport within three months and hand over the facility over to the Iraqi authorities.
Abu Ghraib has perhaps become the most famous prison in the world, known as the location where U.S. soldiers abused some Iraqi detainees and, earlier for it's notorious torture chambers controlled by ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.
The massive facility which is on the western outskirts of Baghdad, will be turned over to Iraqi authorities once the prisoner transfer to Camp Cropper and other U.S. military prisons in the country is finished. This process will take several months, said Lt. Col Barry Johnson, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad.
The U.S. government initially indicated that it wanted to tear down the prison after it became the symbol of the scandal and provoked further insurgent attacks. The need for the facility has kept it open and now with the opening of Camp Cropper it's importance has declined.
General Peter Pace Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, " There are facilities being built so that the U.S. can pull out of Abu Ghraib. Then it will be up to the Iraqi government to decide what they want to do. I do not know that the Iraqi government had decided. It's an Iraqi decision, I just don't know that they've made that decision."
Hopefully this will be the end to a very sad chapter in American military history.

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Bushwack said...

the only thing this American is sad about is that the pictures got out.
Its very sad that when the enemy cuts the head off an American it is forgot quickly, But when a pair of womens panties are put on the head of a POW its remembered for years.