Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Best And The Brightest

People try and say that the only reason young men and women enter the military is that they are not that smart, uneducated and have no other options. I believe these critics are woefully wrong. I also believe that most who go in are of my mindset. They believe as I do, that we have a responsibility to defend our country and our way of life with all of our freedoms. There is also people who go in because of the incentives, such as getting a signing bonus, money to help pay for college, and to see the world. These young men and women all know the risks of what they have undertaken, they all sign on the dotted line and are not forced to do so. That is the reason we have such a good military, only the people who want to serve do so. They also believe that this country is worth giving there life. They all deserve and demand our respect. One thing more than most is that they believe that this country doesn't cut and run faced with cowards who target civilians and and have no honor to face them in battle. People need to accept the fact that we have the most powerful military in the world, this is not going to change. When your on the top, your always the biggest target, we have to face these challenges and overcome them like we always have. These young men and women are doing this for us so we can enjoy our own freedoms, never forget that.

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