Thursday, March 23, 2006

Israel May Be Next al-Qaida Battleground

Israel has been fighting terrorism since the countries inception, and now it appears it has over lapped with the efforts of the U.S.
Signs are mounting that fanatical terrorist loyal to al-Qaida are setting their sights on Israel and the Palestinian territories as there next jihad battleground.
Israel has indicted two West Bank terrorist for al-Qaida membership, Egypt arrested operatives trying to cross into Israel and a Palestinian security official acknowledged al-Qaida is " organizing cells and gathering supporters."
Palestinians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Lebanon have established contacts with al-Qaida followers linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, according to two Israeli officials. They went on to indicate that, Zarqawi has established footholds in the countries neighboring Israel - Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, and are interested in bringing the fight to Israel.
Israel has always been one of best allies and it is imperative that we support them even more. They are an island of hope in a sea of hate in the Middle East.
Tuesday's indictment of two terrorist on charges of belonging to al-Qaida and receiving funds from the group for a planned double-bombing in Jerusalem was Israel's most concrete allegation linking al-Qaida to the West Bank Palestinians. The indictment described in detail how the two, Azzam Abu Aladas and Balal Hafnai, met with al-Qaida operatives in Jordan, arranged for secret e-mail exchanges and received thousands of dollars from al-Qaida to carry out the attack. The indictment came only three weeks after Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas told the London-based Al Hayet newspaper that al-Qaida had infiltrated in the West Bank and Gaza.
This is just the latest test for Israel, and i believe in the end part of al-Qaida's undoing. Israel has been very effective in taking key terrorist out and with our full support they will continue to be a effective ally on the war on terror.

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Bushwack said...

Palestinians are a treasure trove of ammunition for bin ladens group. They will blow themselves up at the drop of a hat. And I say let em, Isreal deals with this problem better than the politicaly correct Americans. They know how to kick ass. They don't worry about pissing off the muslims, they have been living with these idiots for years. Maybe thats what is needed in this war on terror.