Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Saddam's Trial Rolls On

Since October Saddam Hussein has been on trial faced with the charges of killing 148 Shias and imprisoning and torturing other during a 1982 crackdown in the town of Dujail. Today was the first day that judge and prosecutors were able to question him directly on the charges.
Since the beginning of the trial Saddam has turned this into a circus while using democrat talking points, trying to blame President Bush and America, as part of his defense. Saddam has often disrupted the proceedings with his outbursts and antics, preventing the trial to move forward effectively.
Wednesday was no different, reading from a prepared statement he insisted, that he was Iraq's elected president, and calling the trial a " comedy". He urged all Iraqis to stop killing each other and rise up against the American and British invaders.
It was finally enough for chief judge, Roauf Abdel-Rahman to interrupt saying he (Saddam) was not allowed to give political speeches in court. " I am the head of state," Saddam replied. " You used to be a head of state. You are a defendant now," the chief judged stated.
Last month, Saddam stood up in court and acknowledged that he ordered the trial of the 148 Shias before his revolutionary court, which sentenced them all to death. The ousted dictator insisted it was his right to do so since the were suspected in the attempt to kill him.
All these actions are making a mockery of these proceedings, but this trial is a necessary thing. I believe this trial is more symbolic more than anything, and I do not believe that Saddam will ever go free. If there is justice in this world the Iraqi people will be able to sentence this broken man to death and show the world that every tyrants time comes to an end.

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Bushwack said...

I agree but this trial is turning into a circus. It would be better if the judge gagged him and let the lawyers do all the talking. Guilty or Innocent is not the question. How are they going to kill him is.