Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Showdown With Iran Continues

Over the past few months Iran and the United States have been having a war of words, and with the almost certainty that Iran will be brought in front of the U.N. Security Council things have heated up. On March 7th Vice President Dick Cheney declared that the United Nation Security Council would " Impose meaningful consequences." On Iran if they proceeded with its uranium enrichment activities. He went on to say," For our part, the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime, and we join other nations in sending that regime a clear message: We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon." This is after a breakoff in negotiations of a deal between Russia and Iran involving enrichment of uranium on Russian soil, but Russia backed off after pressure from the United States and other European allies. Wednesday in Vienna Austria, Ali Asghar Soltanieh a senior Iranian delegate to the 35 nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is meeting to focus on Tehran's refusal to freeze uranium enrichment stated," The United States has the power to cause harm and pain, but the United States is also susceptible to harm and pain. So if that is the path that the U.S. wishes to choose, let the ball roll." These types of statements make it very clear what there intentions are and the respect they have for the International community. The White House has dismissed the comments," I think the proactive statements and actions only further isolate Iran from the rest of the world, and the International community has spelled out what Iran needs to do." said White House press secretary Scott McClellan while touring the Gulf Coast with President Bush. Others though didn't dismiss the comments so quickly, U.N. ambassador John Bolton said of Iran," Their threats show why leaving a country like that with a nuclear weapon is so dangerous." Also saying that the Iranian comments are " Reflecting their determination to acquire weapons." This is a situation the should be coming to head next week when the issue should be brought in front of the United Nations Security Council. Hopefully this time the U.N. will actually show a backbone and prevent Iran from realizing its dream of obtaining a nuclear weapon.

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