Friday, March 17, 2006

Operation Swarmer Moves Forward

On Friday the highly touted and public Operation Swarmer rolled forward trying to clear the area around the small town of Samarra. U.S. military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson indicated that the U.S. led forces roughly 1,500 soldiers, 650-800 of those Iraqis, were searching a 10-mile by 10-mile (16-km by 16-km) area for the fanatical terrorist loyal to the madman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and that no casualties have been reported by Iraqi or U.S. forces.
Johnson also reported that 50 people had been detained thus far in the operation and that 30 people still remain in custody.
Thursday's operation appeared to be concentrated near four villages - Jillam, Mamlaha, Banat Hassan and Bukaddou, which is about 20 miles north of Samarra. These villages which are located near the highway leading from Samarra to the city of Adwar, this highway has been the
scene of repeated terrorist roadblocks and ambushes.
It seems fitting that now that our troops are out there looking to fight that the enemy is no where to be seen. It also appears that the media has vastly overreacted in the wake of Operation Swarmer, describing it as merely a political stunt by President Bush. It's very obvious to me that the media is just looking for another reason to bash the President.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan denied the allegations, " this was a decision made by made by our commanders,"he said.
All the troops are doing is there job and the Iraqis are there right next to us making up half the attack force, how dare the media call these young men laying there lives on the line a stunt, it makes me sick and it should you to.

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Bushwack said...

Go get em boys....
It's about time something like this is happening, I mean with the Iraqis taking the fight to them also.