Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Democrats Revealed

Me and every other rightwing blogger out here told you it would happen, but yet that wasn’t a good enough warning I suppose as the Democrats are doing everything that we all feared they would.

They have already stated that they believe that they have a mandate to exit Iraq without victory and disgrace this country and its armed military forces, not just in this country but to our enemies as well.

Bin Laden himself has said that we do not have the resolve and fortitude to take casualties and still fight it out, any retreat without victory is a victory to Al-Qaida and to the savage terrorists.

We are the most powerful country in the world, but we continue to deny this fact and we certainly do not act in such a manner that would reflect this glaring truth about our country and now certainly its Democratic leadership.

Future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “Well, the oversight will be very important because then the truth would be revealed. But, remember that "stay the course" has with it -- whether the president changed the slogan, he hasn't changed the strategy or the approach. And "stay the course" also implies staying the course of having a one-party policy in Iraq.

Even his own Republicans, in some cases, are deserting him on this. So I think, in the interest of our national security and protecting the American people and bringing stability to the region and to honoring our commitment to our troops, we need a different approach.

And extending the hand of partnership to the president, not partisanship but partnership, to say, let's work together to come to some common ground where we can solve the problem in Iraq.”

This women considers Iraq only a problem to be solved, not the central part of the war on terror, which it most obviously is, even our enemies state this, but yet it is not enough for our ultra-liberal new Democratic leadership.

There is no place where we are fighting them more and killing more of the enemy than in Iraq, but people such as John Murtha suggests that the problem is that our soldiers are the ones creating the violence by there very presence.

Are soldiers are not responsible for savages blowing up markets, abducting innocent people and the bombing of police recruits. You do not see our troops acting as death squads going around killing any person who does not think as they do.

Carl Levin, a Michigan ultra-liberal Democrat who will become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee in January, said Democrats would seek a bipartisan agreement to persuade Bush to start pulling troops out of Iraq in four to six months.

"We've got to put greater responsibility on the Iraqis and the way to do that -- probably the only way to do that -- is to let the Iraqis know that within four to six months of the president notifying them, that we're going to begin a phased redeployment of our troops out of Iraq," Levin said.

People wonder where I keep coming up with the idea of the Democrats cutting and running, you only have to look as far as the new Democratic leadership to see where I am getting my information.

They have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to leave Iraq without victory and that my friends cannot be disputed by anyone, their actions are the basis of my opinion, if they refrained from acting like cowards I wouldn’t call them cowards.

We must win this conflict, that’s something the Democrats sadly haven’t accepted yet and probably never will which is sad.

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