Monday, November 13, 2006

Giuliani vs Clinton 08'?????

Everyone seems to be gearing up for the Presidential elections in 2008 with the supposed frontrunners trying to test the field to gauge their support for any such drastic action.

Everywhere you turn you hear about how Hillary Clinton, by all accounts, is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party and she will most likely be challenged by Sen. Barack Obama, who in my opinion has done nothing to warrant the type of attention that he is garnering, also in the pack until recently was Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold who has decided that he will not run in 08’.

On the Republican side of the ball thing are a little better with the frontrunners being Senator John McCain of Wisconsin, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and surprisingly current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the role of long shot.

The latest Rasmussen Report has Rudy Giuliani ahead at 24% of the perspective GOP field with Condi Rice coming in second with 18%; Senator McCain came in 3rd at 17% and Governor Romney with 9%.

Now out of those perspective candidates it’s pretty obvious who would have the greatest chance of winning and in my humble opinion that would be former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who I hope is able to secure the parties nomination.

I believe John McCain is not a true conservative and I do not believe he represents the real values of this country, he has on to many occasions split with the Republican Party, many times to the detriment of the Republicans and has no place on top of the ballot.

The only way that I would be able to support McCain is if he got the GOP nomination and Rudy was not on the ballot. Between John McCain and Hillary Clinton the choice is very clear and I would not hesitate one second to throw my weight behind McCain to ensure that Hillary doesn’t win.

What exactly has Hillary done to garner all this attention? She sure has not shown to the country the ability to lead effectively which is very much required, she has not shown the ability to be able t o speak effectively and motivate people with her speeches.

She might be able to motivate he insane base, but the American people can not be motivated by someone, who when she speaks sounds like she scratching her nails across a chalkboard.

The brave men and women of the military took her husband as a joke, what in the world do you believe they are going to think now, I myself have many friends in the Armed Services who have told me that if Hillary wins they will do all they can to leave the Military until she is gone.

You see they do not want a touchy feely PC military that former President Clinton molded it into and they sure do no want the same thing from this screeching hyena, which is why I firmly believe that at least 80-90% of the military will be voting for someone other than Hillary Clinton.

Rudy Giuliani has seen tragedy; he has shown effective stable leadership in times of crisis and he even had the time to clean up one of the worst cities in the world while he did it, plus it doesn’t hurt that he would carry New York over Hillary any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I will be placing my efforts and time into the candidate who will be facing the menace of the Democratic Party and the extreme liberal main stream media who will try and pound into your heads that we need Hillary and Bill to save us from the despair and tragedy that was left for us by President Bush.

Think about it, do you really want Bill Clinton in the White House for another 4 long lie filled years in which they get nothing accomplished?

Not me which is why I hope that Rudy Giuliani is able to pull out the nomination.

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