Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bush Ignores The Democrats Call To Retreat

Since the release of the Iraq Study Groups report the Democrats have been jumping up and down and yelling that the Bush administration to cut and change course and “redeploy” from Iraq, but the President has ignored their calls and forged ahead.

The President stated on Wednesday that the enemy was, "far from being defeated," and that, "We're not going to give up. The stakes are too high and the consequences too grave."

Of course you constantly have the drumbeat of certain insane and deliberate individuals such as John Murtha, John Kerry and the usual lineup that feels that it is necessary to always insult the administration and the troops.

All we hear from the Democrats and the liberal media is how dumb and uneducated our brave troops are and how they are just murdering the people of Iraq because they as simply savages who can’t control themselves.

Not one of these loudmouth idiots would be able to do the job of our troops, not one, let’s see John Kerry take off from an aircraft carrier or pilot a submarine and see how well that would work.

Bush was on target today as he stated, "But one thing people have got to understand is we'll be headed toward achieving our objectives," he said. "And I repeat: If we lose our nerve, if we're not steadfast in our determination to help the Iraqi government succeed, we will be handing Iraq over to an enemy that would do us harm."

He is correct In his opinion that the only real way that we can lose the war in Iraq is if we pack up our bags and retreat from Iraq as the Democrats want, but fortunately President Bush has instead been pushing for a reported increase in troops, completely going against what the Democrats want and stick it right to them.

He is correct also in thinking that more troops will help quell the violence in the Iraqi capitol of Baghdad where daily bombings and deaths have become the norm and if we want to control the country we must control its biggest city.

I applaud the Presidents decision to push on towards victory regardless of how much the Democrats and liberal whine for him to tuck tail and run, because according to them we must bow down to the alter of the Iraq Study Group and their call to hand Iraq to Iran and Syria.

Even Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has defied the White House and has sat down with the leader of Syria, Syria we all know funds terrorists organizations such as Hezbollah and may I remind you that there have been reports that hundreds of members of Hezbollah are in Iraq training members of al-Sadr’s militia.

So thank you Democrats for sitting down with those responsible for the death of American soldiers and showing your true form to the American people.

President Bush has ignored the Democrats calls for retreat and we must stand behind him and our troops our fail as the Democrats want.

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