Sunday, December 03, 2006

If The Iraq Study Group Wants To Retreat, We Cannot Follow

Many democrats are calling this the end all report on Iraq and that we must follow any and all recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, otherwise known as the Baker-Hamilton Commission, but we must understand they do not have all the answers.

There have been recent reports leaked that seem to indicate that the Commission will recommend a phased withdrawal from Iraq and that their main purpose of being leaked is so that the Democrats have something to use against the President to pressure him to act in their favor.

This ten person panel was appointed on March 15th 2006 by our US Congress and we have tasked them to come up with independent ideas and courses of action so that we might begin some cutback of our combat role in Iraq.

The thing we cannot do under any circumstances is set a specific timetable for a withdrawal for that would only encourage our enemies that they might be able to hold out until we retreat and than assert themselves by force if necessary.

The leaked information also indicates that the panel will suggest that this government talk to the hostile nations of Iran and Syria, whose very action is increasing violence in Iraq by training fighters and providing weaponry and money to wage jihad against us.

There has been concrete evidence that Iranian made explosives as well as elite Iranian soldiers are operating in Iraq advising and waging war against us and trying to destabilize the region even more to benefit Iran and their power base.

Even a week ago there have been reports in the NY Times that the Iranian funded Hezbollah is sending advisors in to Iraq to train fighters and has trained from 1,000 to 2,000 fighters at its bases.

Talking to these regimes only makes legitimate their illegal actions and their outrageous attitude toward Israel and its very existence as they have both waged war against the time democracy.

We can only take these panels conclusions at face value as many of their recommendations may not be able to be implemented and because in general the American people do not want to retreat in dishonor.

If retreat is the answer the conclude than I could not in good conscience follow that path as I believe this country can achieve anything if we can all work together, but they may not happen as the Democrats look to attack the Republicans with their new found power.

If we need more troops than I am all for it as long as they are not used incorrectly and that we use our full strength to crush our enemies unmercifully as show them the same violence and brutality that they inflict upon our troops and the innocent civilians of Iraq.

I do not favor any course other than the one that leads to victory whatever the cost, for that is the way to honor the brave dead otherwise their loss is meaningless.

Victory must be obtained; our military is too good to lose to a bunch of savages.

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