Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Iranian Evil

Most sane and intelligent Americans know what evil is and are able to distinguish between good and evil, but unfortunately it can also confuse and entice those individuals into their service.

Be that aggressively, such as military action or passively, such as championing their cause and preventing others to act against them politically and/or militarily.

The evil that I speak of has shown no qualms about his hatred or his rhetoric and I have come to think of him as what Michael Savage dubbed the “Hitler in a headscarf”, I speak of course about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

There was also an individual who told everyone what he was going to do before he acted and that man will be remebered as one of the most inherintly evil men in the history of the world.

That man openly and honestly told his people that he would destroy democracy and he went about that task in very short order after taking power and that man was the undoing of his own country.

This is a man, Ahmadinejad who has also openly and honestly vowed to destroy what he has called the “Little satan” (Israel) and than destroy the “Big satan” (America), but yet the Iraq Study Group along with many Democrats have called for open talks with Iran regarding a troop withdrawl from Iraq by American forces.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stated , "If the United States changes its attitude, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help with the withdrawal from Iraq."

He went on to say that our brave troops were responsible when he stated that, "Fifty percent of the problem of insecurity in Iraq is the presence of foreign troops."

This is an outrageous statement coming from a country that funds terrorist originations such as Hezbollah and has given money to Hamas so they could wage their proxy war against the state of Israel.

While they don’t have any real chance of success outside of a nuclear weapon the tensions and loss of life in these proxy battles are costly to say the least and the constant rockets attacks from the Gaza strip funded by Iran should be taken as a declaration of war.

The Iranian President has suggested that a nuclear exchange between his country and Israel would result in the destruction of Israel at the cost of at least half of Iran and has no problem with those terms.

However I highly doubt that our country would just stand by and do nothing while one of our greatest allies was being destroyed, I firmly believe that we would act and launch against Iran.

We cannot allow talks with this crazy and very delusional man who believes only in the death and destruction of Israel and the United States of America.

He is our enemy, but yet the Democrats and liberals still wish to appease him in a Hitler like fashion by negotiating and forcing a troop withdrawal upon us.

We must confront him and take him head on and stop his violent ambitions before he kills more innocent Israelis and brave American troops in Iraq.

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