Thursday, December 07, 2006

Iraq Study Group Releases Report

It seems I was correct in my thinking that the Iraq Study Group would call for a retreat, they have done so, but they are trying to use slick words to cover up their true meaning and pull the blind over the eyes of the American people.

I am confident in my assertion that the American people do not want to retreat and we sure as hell do not want to lose, most Americans hate losing with the exception of those insane liberals like John Murtha who openly advocate“redeployment” to Okinawa.

I have found excerpts from the Iraq Study Group, but they do not say who said what.

"The United States should immediately launch a new diplomatic offensive to build an international consensus for stability in Iraq and the region. This diplomatic effort should include every country that has an interest in avoiding a chaotic Iraq, including all of Iraq's neighbors. Iraq's neighbors and key states in and outside the region should form a support group to reinforce security and national reconciliation within Iraq, neither of which Iraq can achieve on its own."

Frankly I am quite outraged that they would even suggest sitting down and talking to Iraq’s neighbors such as Iran and Syria, we might as well sit done with Osama bin Laden if they plan on talking to Iran who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers.

Iran you forget has a terrorist wing named Hezbollah, which is responsible for the Beirut Barracks Bombing in 1983 that cost the lives of almost 300 American soldiers.

Iran is also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of more American soldiers in Iraq as they funnel weapons, money and fighters into Iraq including the materials needed to make more powerful and deadly IED’s.

"Our most important recommendations call for new and enhanced diplomatic and political efforts in Iraq and the region, and a change in the primary mission of U.S. forces in Iraq that will enable the United States to begin to move its combat forces out of Iraq responsibly. We believe that these two recommendations are equally important and reinforce one another. If they are effectively implemented, and if the Iraqi government moves forward with national reconciliation, Iraqis will have an opportunity for a better future, terrorism will be dealt a blow, stability will be enhanced in an important part of the world, and America's credibility, interests and values will be protected."

The only responsible way to leave Iraq is with Victory.

We must leave that country in far better shape than when we invaded, we cannot abandon the innocent Iraqi people to be slaughtered by the savage terrorists and Iranian backed militias.

If we sit down with Iran it will be a slap in the face to all these dead soldiers who are no longer with their families because Iran’s actions and now this panel want to make this insane leader of Iran legitimate.

We have not lost this war, but it seems that some do not hold that opinion and they are going to drag this whole country down trying to make us retreat from Iraq.

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