Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is Palestinian Civil War The Only Answer?

Since January of 2006 we have had to deal with the raving lunatics and suicidal madmen of the ruling party of Hamas, who is lead by Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, after they dealt a huge defeat to the former ruling party of Fatah, who is run by separately elected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

As soon as Hamas took power most sane and decent countries cut funding off to the Palestinian Territories as they consider Hamas a terrorists organization including, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Israel, the United States and is even banned in Jordan.

Hamas has continued to defy the world and instigate violence on the behalf of their never ending jihad against the state of Israel; it even states in their charter that they believe: "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through”.

The U.S. "and Zionists ... want us to recognize the usurpation of the Palestinian lands and stop jihad and resistance and accept the agreements reached with the Zionist enemies in the past," Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told worshippers at Tehran University.

Haniyeh went on to say, "I'm insisting from this podium that these issues won't materialize. We will never recognize the usurper Zionist government and will continue our jihad-like movement until the liberation of Jerusalem".

Palestinian President Abbas has attempted to end the crippling economic sanctions that have been slapped upon the Hamas controlled government for its refusal to renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept existing peace deals.

There has been violence between the two factions as both have very well armed and motivated militias that have been taking to the streets in opposition against each other with deaths coming on each side.

Abbas had sought to end the crippling economic boycott by pushing Hamas to join Fatah in a coalition government, but unfortunately talks broke down last week and Abbas has since been weighing three options: leave Hamas in power, dismiss the government or call a referendum on holding new elections.

Unless an agreement can be worked a full out civil war might be the only way to end this stalemate.

While this may not be the best option for the Palestinian people, it sure as hell is the best option for Israel as it would seriously hamper their enemy Hamas and allow them to make sure that rocket attacks against Israel by Hamas are limited or non-existent.

Haniyeh called Iran, terrorist backer and longtime ally of Hamas, the Palestinians' "strategic depth" because they were bound together in their fight against the state of Israel.

"They (Israelis) assume the Palestinian nation is alone. This is an illusion. ... We have a strategic depth in the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

Israel has had patience far beyond anything I posses because the have absorbed attack after attack, but they have yet to unleash the full power of their military against these savages.

Sooner or later something will happen and odds are it will not be Palestinian unity, but all out fighting, but don’t worry it’s those savages who are to blame as they have given up all hope of peace.

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