Friday, December 01, 2006

The New Iraqi Army

In March 2003 the United States armed forces along with coalition forces proceeded with the utter destruction of Saddam's military forces and infrastructure.

We took out top leadership in the regime, as well as all the military vehicles and tanks and any other armored vehicle that dared to confront our military.

People wonder why the Iraqi army hasn't taken all of the fight on need to remember a few little things. First we are building an army from nothing, no leadership, and very little equipment, along with tanks and armored personnel carriers or APC's.

Building an entire army takes time and patience, especially as these men have to battle the insurgency at the same time while learning the basic battlefield tactics and weaponry.

They are being attacked while standing in line waiting to sign up and fight for their new country. As of Oct 5 2005 there was 1 battalion, or 750 soldiers who where trained and equipped enough to operate independently, they have 230, 000 personnel (2006 EST.)

They have 10 T-55 tanks, 77 T-72 tanks, 4 MT-LB APC’s, and 180 M-113 APC’s (2005 EST.). They also have 80 battalions or 60,000 troops that can operate with such limited support such as logistics and strategic planning.

Keep in mind that these troops are not equipped with the firepower the U.S. troops and coalition forces are. Many believe it is a bad idea to hand over weapons to troops who are being killed at larger numbers; for fear that the insurgents may recover them and use them against us.

As long as these men stand and fight we as a country need to stand by them, they are fighting as we did for the freedom of their country and we cannot abandon them to be slaughtered by savages.

Increasingly the biggest problem that faces the new Iraqi army and its other security forces is that they have been infiltrated by the local militias making it hard for them to operate in heavily Sunni of Shiite areas.

Our brave soldiers are standing by these men and training them, it would only be stabbing them in the back if we were to abandon them because we have said repeatedly that we would not leave until the job is done.

If we left, we would concede defeat and admit that our country doesn’t have the will power to face enemies if they are able to spill some of our blood.

I will admit that it has been a painfully slow process, but it is one that we must complete and we cannot let the terrorists run free and control certain militia armies that directly attack our troops and the Iraqi people.

They have their troubles to say the least, but would you leave people who are fighting for their new country to be slaughtered? Is that the American way? I don’t think so.

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