Monday, December 18, 2006

North Korea Wants Sanctions Lifted

In North Korea they believe and teach that the Americans are the root of all evil and that we started the Korean War, now as any educated person can tell you North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25th 1950, but that's just an inconvenience to the midget and his regime.

The problem with North Korea is the nukes, and with them they can keep their neighbors hostage, which is why we are so bent on not having Iran have the same capabilities.

The communist state has long claimed the United States is bent on invading the country, condemning annual joint military exercises with South Korean troops as a "rehearsal" for an attack.

They have also recently tested nuclear weapons and now believe they should have the same standing in the world as the United States of America with the same amount of respect.

Far as I'm concerned they can think anything they want because they don't have the power to do anything, they can’t even launch a missile without it blowing up and now they want to threaten the world.

"The supply of our patience may have exceeded the international demand for that patience, and we should be a little less patient and pick up the pace and work faster," Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the U.S. envoy, told reporters.

If we wanted to invade that country we would do so with ease, but one step at a time first we must deal with Iran and its own crazy madman.

This little Korean madman can hate us all he wants for he does not posses the most advanced and strongest military force in the history of the world.

This insane little man keeps pushing and pushing and sooner than later he is going to push to hard and we are going to push back and put this little midget in his place.

"The North Koreans insisted that discussions about the implementation of the September 19 joint statement would be possible only after both the US financial sanctions and the UN sanctions are lifted," a source who was at the opening talks said.

"The North Koreans said they would take measures to keep strengthening their nuclear deterrent as long as sanctions and pressure continues to exist."

They are our enemies my friends and have not shown the slightest effort to come to the table with any substance and any real hope of progress.

South Korean nuclear negotiator Chun Yung-woo stated, "We urged North Korea to take bold and substantial initial steps to dismantle its nuclear program and stressed that the other five countries' corresponding measures should also be bold and substantial," Chun said.

This is going to take more than some peace talks to get North Korea in action and we sure as hell will not be lifting the economic sanctions that are now in place so they can just forget about that.

North Korea cannot be allowed to win this standoff and we must do everything in our power to prevent them from gaining a significant stockpile of nuclear weapons to be used against us and/or their neighbors, we cannot afford to fail.

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