Sunday, December 17, 2006

The United Nations Hypocrisy

They decry us, they call us names, and they burn our flag and hold us in contempt all over the world, but when troubles arise and they know they do not have the capability to handle it themselves who is it that they turn to? The Unites States of America.

As we all know the world has many problems facing it today, most of which the left and the European elite believe is the fault of only one man, President George Bush, but this does not explain the unchecked violence that is rampant all over the world.

How many times has the United States come to the aid of Europe is their time of need, just the French alone have needed us to helped them out with World War I, World War II and Vietnam.

How many brave young American boys lost their lives freeing that ungrateful country from the boot of Hitler, we even crushed the Japanese and they now are one of our greatest allies.

How much time, money, effort and material was spent defending Europe from the evil Soviet Bloc during the Cold War and after the Wall fell we still kept our troops in Europe protecting those countries and freeing up money for them to use with their social programs that is the envy of the world

When we as a country act in our behalf, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, the world hates our use of force and do their best to undermine our ability to protect our interests and fight our battles; in fact the only major country to constantly help us out is England.

I am extremely proud of the fact that we have the greatest and most powerful military the world has ever known, but we must not be afraid to unleash it and act with supreme authority, not indecision like the United Nations and the world at large.

It seems that that the American people have forgotten a fundamental truth, “War is hell”, it is not fun time or anything of the nature but they seem not to understand the fight we are in because the Democrats keep downplaying its significance and some won’t even call Iraq a war.

Europe on the other hand has been racked by decades of violence and wars and its strongest men and leaders have been killed in the process making the countries weak and weary of any kind of military action.

Iraq is the central fight in the War against Terror and the continuing battle against the Islamo-Fascists who care nothing about life and value only death and destruction, the oppression of others and spreading Islam by the sword wherever possible.

Terrorists, radical clerics and their followers have been fighting their own personal Jihad against our troops and the fledgling Iraqi government and they cannot be allow to take root in a country that is not yet strong enough to defend itself.

The only time the United Nations or the world is nice and fully supports us is when they want some of our money, technology or military support.

We still have a vast number of troops all over Europe protecting our weak allies, not to mention the thousands that are stationed in South Korea and Japan.

The world and most notably the United Nations has to understand that we are going to do what we believe is in our own best interests no matter what Kofi Annan or anyone else says.

What exactly has the United Nations been up to lately anyways? They have, predictably, failed the world in just about every area including preventing thousands of deaths in Darfur, not to mention any action at all on the growing threat of armed Islamic militias, which are sweeping thought the south of the country on a direct crash course with the Ethiopian backed Somali government.

If we only did the things that pleased the entire world we would become a doormat for any terrorist group or rouge nation that has any kind of greedy ambitions and we would be sitting ducks to any powerful nation such as China.

Unless the world acts to protect its interests, they will have to deal with our country flexing our military might to impose our will when it is necessary, we are the only superpower and we should start to act like it without remorse.

With the Democrats once again poising themselves to pray at the alter of the United Nations we watch on with a certain horror and distrust that has come from watching what the Dems and the UN can do when they work together.

We have a new Secretary General at the United Nation and it is my sincere hope that he is able to bring respectability and some resemblance of honor to an organization that is wholly corrupt and utterly dismissed by most major powers as “ineffective”.

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