Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Clinton And Edwards Are Not The Answer

Apparently the insane and extremely demented liberal base did not get enough of the former Senator from North Carolina John Edwards and are for some reason content with the liberal queen Hillary Clinton being the frontrunner for the Democratic Party.

I firmly and emphatically believe that this country with either one of them at the helm would be more than just a little damaging to our countries security, integrity, troop moral and overall fighting of the war on terror.

These politicians believe that if we only talked to them like sane individuals that they will lay down their arms, but what they constantly forget is that we are not dealing with sane individuals, but blood thirsty savages who only believe in violence and the religion of peace, Islam.

Both of these inept liberal politicians have forcefully advocated a phased withdrawal or “retreat” from Iraq and have openly called for diplomatic talks with our enemies in Iran and Syria.

Of course this is the same Iran who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers serving in Iraq.

They have secretly supplied guns, munitions money and explosives for IED’s that are more powerful to the terrorists we are fighting and even their proxy terrorist group, Hezbollah is getting in the action.

They have hosted at least 2,000 militia fighters from Iraq to be trained at Hezbollah facilities and there have even been reports that they are sending members of Hezbollah and the Special Iranian Guard into Iraq as advisors to the insurgency and the terrorist networks.

These are the people that the Democrats want to talk to, people killing our own troops, it’s a shame.

We should not be talking with these people, we should be sending them our best guided missiles and show them what happens when you kill American soldiers, but than again the liberals have beat the “cowboy” from President Bush some time ago.

Hillary Clinton is weakened in fighting terror thanks in part to her gutless and monogamously challenged husband Bill and her dependence on her insane base the keeps her in check and doesn’t let her stray to far from the extreme left.

John Edwards is a former trial lawyer and the last thing we need in the White House is some slimy lawyer who can’t even be consistent in his own opinion and what he truly believes in.

We must look to the future and who and what we will be dealing with, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. These are serious threats that we must face in our future and Hillary Clinton is not the person who is going to make the animals back down, hell most of the military doesn’t even respect her.

If the Democrats want to win back power they had better come up with some better candidates than these two worthless politicians, because the American people deserve better.

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