Saturday, January 20, 2007

Obama vs. Clinton rd 2

The media has been unable or unwilling to let go and grasp reality and understand the fact that Barack Obama has not a chance of getting by the biggest piranha and jackal in the Senate, the certifiably insane Hillary Clinton.

I have been absolutely stunned with the amount of attention that the media is paying to Barack Obama, even he stated, "I am suspicious of hype," Obama told reporters. "The fact that my 15 minutes of fame has extended a little longer than 15 minutes is somewhat surprising to me and completely baffling to my wife."

Obama, who is the junior Senator from Illinois, has only been in the Senate for a whopping 2 years and in my opinion has done nothing at all to garner the attention he has received except for the fact that he is black.

Some will take offense to that I’m sure and try and call me a racist, but I fully believe that I am correct because there are far better and more experienced politicians within the Democratic Party.

Hillary has been losing her time in the spotlight with all the attention being paid to Obama and it threatens to out shine her upcoming attempt at a Presidential run which we all know is in the future, no matter what she or her staff says.

Hillary we all know is as liberal as they come and she is one of the only people who are truly and openly hated by all Republicans and even some Democrats who do not feel that she is far enough to the left.

A battle between these two Senators in the primary would be something to see and it would be a good thing for Republicans because the fighting between the two would help air out the all the dirty laundry that is heavily buried.

Once Hillary formally enters her name into the fray, she will trounce upon Obama and destroy him and in the process make everyone believe that it was the “evil” Republicans who perpetrated it.

Either of these presidential candidates would be a complete and utter disaster to this county, its armed forces, our ability to fight terrorism around the world and it would show that this country doesn’t mind running away from our problems.

It is very clear to me that the liberal mass media is only propping up Obama for Hillary to eventually overcome the difficulties that he represents and do not think that he can overcome Hillary.

I do no seriously believe that he is a credible threat and I do believe that he even has a chance to win the Presidency even if he some how manages to win the Democratic nomination, this country will not vote for him.

I’m sure Obama is a much better person than Hillary is, but his politics are the same and at the same time extremely hurtful to this country and our military and neither one of them can be allowed to win.

Our country has withstood the constant attack by the left and if either one of these horrific people won, it would only mean higher taxes and a retreat from a war that can and will be won.

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