Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cut and Run Democrats? You Better Believe It!

Why would any sane and supposedly intelligent person openly advocate in defense of their own enemies? Would this type of extreme dysfunctional behavior be characterized as insane?

If that is the case, than I believe that the majority of Democratic leadership is certifiably insane because they are doing just that.

The Islamic and militant and terrorist leadership we are fighting all over the world has been advocating for the United States to leave and retreat from Iraq at the soonest possible time.

Where else have we heard this kind of talk recently? Oh I remember where we have heard it from the supposedly bi-partisan newly elected Democratic leadership that has shown once again its underlying aggression that they have for this President and this war.

They want us to leave Iraq and are opposed to a measure that might actually bring about change for the positive, which should show every American where the Democrats stand in the Iraq War and the greater war on terror.

They say that they support our troops, but actions speak much louder than words and their actions have been of a negative and malicious manner and the brave men and women in uniform do no deserve it.

They lay their lives on the line every single day for each and every one of us and how do the Democrats repay them? By insulting them just about every chance they get, questioning their intelligence and their competence.

The Army was the institution that allowed for this country to be formed in the first place, and it was the Army that freed the slaves in the Civil War, they are the ones who have laid down their lives for the cause of freedom and the protection of this country.

Any retreat from Iraq would only jeopardize the troops and their morale, it is not their fault that we are in the position that we now face, it’s the politicians who will not untie their hands and let them make war on our enemies.

It was also the politicians that caused our retreat from Vietnam and therefore they are responsible for the thousands of death that was caused by our retreat from an enemy that’s only hope was for us to lose the war in the political battlefield because they were soundly defeated in the field.

It is the same now, our troops are fighting people who can’t even hold their jock and cowards who hide behind women and children and can’t even show their own face and actually fight our troops.

If we leave, than the Islamic savages would only be emboldened and with the vast riches they would control they would be able to fund and provide assistance and sanctuary for all who wish to see the utter destruction of our great country.

I will not let these politicians once again to be able to insult these troops and allow for our vastly weaker enemies to walk all over us as most Democrats and even a few Republicans would wish.

It is a cold hard truth that the percentage of high school graduates in the military is a vastly higher percentage than the country as a whole, I would like to see any of the Democrats be able to accomplish a 1/4th of the things our troopers are asked to do on a regular basis.

There is a better way and that way involves more work and more sacrifice for everyone, but it is something that is definitely worth it and this conflict is just one of the battles that we are now facing in the war on terror, one we cannot walk away from.

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