Thursday, January 18, 2007

What About The Midget?

With the recent events that have taken place around the world including, the death of Saddam, the announcement of President Bush to send more troops to Iraq and the ascension of power by the Democrats have clouded and have pushed to the backburner a real enemy, the midget of North Korea.

Kim Jong-il has gone under the radar in the past few months and has evaded the scrutiny over his nuclear weapons programs because the only power who could do something about it, the United Sates, has been too busy dealing with Democrat BS and we have lost our path.

We cannot forget that this little insane man has detonated nuclear weapons once in direct defiance of the utterly worthless United Nations and has threatened to do so again prompting the beefing up of missisle defense capabilites in Japan and South Korea.

Do not forget that this is a country that teaches its youth that the United States is the greatest evil in the world and that we are the ones who started the bloody Korean War which started with the invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces.

There have been limited sanctions against the North Korean regime and the Chinese have atleast shown some willingness to impose those sanctions, but like with any dealings with the Chinese, you must watch your back and make sure they stick to their word.

Condi Rice has made some fuss about the nuclear program that the Koreans run, but it has not amounted to anything and words will not change the fact they he is openly defying the world.

Hell the midget even skipped giving extra food rations to its people on New Year's Day, except to the elite citizens of Pyongyang, this is just another example of how this little crazy man treats the people of his country.

Over the past 10 or so years some 2 million North Korean civilians have died because of lack of food and medical supplies.

Where are the liberals who always want victims to put out on display? Where are they to help the repressed people of North Korean and give comfort to the victims? They do not because they are they are only about talking, they are not about action.

If we as a country hold the opinion that we should be using our power for good, than we must act to stop the suffering inflicted upon these innocent people at the hands of this midget.

He wants our destruction, he has said as much, we cannot under estimate this enemy and we must take him serious and at his word, if we were not worried, we would not have 55,000 troops stationed in South Korea and another 25,000 in Japan.

He can attack if he wishes, but he will only be asking for the destruction of his backwards country and the loss of life to many of his people and this is something that I’m sure does not bother him.

He is only acting for himself and has no regard for anything other than that, he must be stopped and because no one else is has the balls to act, it must be us

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