Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Clinton Mistake

There is one person who personifies everything the most sane and intelligent conservatives oppose and this person is a lighting rod for criticism from both the left and right and of course I’m talking about the junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.

First and foremost I must call in to question her ethics, I am under the opinion that she knew about Monica Lewinsky and all of Bill’s little indiscretions and has only stayed married to the man to advance her own political career.

She has in the past few months made a mad dash towards what’s left of the American “middle” in the hopes of being able to sway some independents and Republicans who are on the border.

I am not opposed to a women President, but it must be the right one, a female who stare down our enemies and be forceful when need be and Hillary Clinton is not that women and I don’t know that Condi is either.

If I never trusted bill Clinton what makes this woman think I’m going to trust her, not even the military trusts or respects her and that is something that is needed as a President and that is something that Bill lacked as well.

Do not forget that this is a woman who up and moved to New York in a giant power grab and base to test her insane liberal policies on and brainwash to do her bidding.

With all due respect to women and any possible woman President, the enemies we now face on a daily basis, Muslims, do not hold women in very high regard if you hadn’t noticed and would most likely just laugh at us and take it as a signal that we are weak.

This Democrat personifies what this party believes in, retreat in the war on terror, legal status and voting rights for all illegals, a terrorist bill of rights and high taxes to pay for more liberal government handouts.

If you have any doubt about this woman’s ability to stir the masses to her cause just go and listen to her speak, it’s like listening to someone rake about 500 nails across a chalkboard, her distinct screech is amazingly unbearable and constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment”.

I am also open to suggestions as to why she is even in the running for the Democratic nomination, what has she really done to earn this other than be married to one of the only impeached Presidents in our history.

This inept and screeching politicians offers nothing to the sane individual and only those whose feel guilty for being white or anything other than poor will fall prey to this insane woman.

The greatest fear that many conservatives have is that this liberal will take power and force her agenda down our throats while hiking our taxes to pay for her policies and once again suffer a very significant military cut in the mold of Bill Clintons downsizing of the military in the 90’s.

This is something that this country cannot afford and something that would be inherently dangerous and extremely unneeded considering the times we are facing and the fact that we have enemies all over the globe.

This politician must be opposed with all haste and we must never relent, otherwise I fear it will only turn out bad for each any everyone of us, absolutely nothing good can come from Hillary winning the Presidency, nothing.

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