Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Democratic Base Has Gone Insane!

They hailed it as a great day that would inevitably move this country forward to what they hope is a hard left turn, I am speaking about the Democrats taking power in the House and the Senate.

While they are already what many moderate and conservatives believe is hard left, there is a growing movement within the Democratic base that is growing very upset with the new and improved Democratic leadership.

They believe that the current leadership of the Democratic Party has not done enough to pursue and implement the impeachment process of one George W Bush.

They are under the opinion that we are constantly committing war crimes and heinous acts against the absolutely innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan and believe that we must retreat immediately.

Remember my friends that these are the people who believe that Iraq and Afghanistan where better off under the oppressive rule of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, no matter their stance on women rights.

They also believe that we are not even fighting in a real war, something I find completely astonishing and a fact that I am sure would be disputed by every soldier on the ground fighting in Iraq at this very moment.

These are the types of people who descended upon our great capitol of Washington D.C. with anger as their motivation and they have shown the country what exactly it means to be an “insane liberal”.

This newly elected Democratic leadership is beholden to these lunatics and is on a path that could have catastrophic ramifications in the upcoming years and on our children.

I have listened to these people, I really have, they have present their case with what they think is honorable intentions and there in lies the problem, these people are just inherently stupid.

In my life I have never seen a group of Americans so determined to see this country lose a war just to attack a sitting President, the ethics of every single one of them clearly needs to be called into question.

This is not to say that they are “unpatriotic” because I’m sure that in their warped world view they are being every bit the patriot that the founders our great country embody.

However I seriously doubt that the founders sabotaged the war efforts of George Washington because in those day people had moral and ethical standards, something that is seriously lacking, both sides of the isle.

We cannot allow the base of the Democratic party to control this country and the direction of the war on terror, it is to dangerous to be left in the hands of people who would rather run away than stand and fight like true Americans.

Remember that each and every one of us has the power to do something and affect the political discourse that has alienated this country and fractured us between red and blue, but irregardless we cannot be overrun by the rampant and insanity of the blue.

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