Saturday, January 13, 2007

Iran Be Patient, Your Turn Is Next

They have talked about it in that past as a possible way to end their nuclear weapons program, but now the need is to cut off the money and personnel that continues to flow from Iran and be used in the slaughter of innocent civilians and our troops.

Iran has thumbed their nose at the international community and its calls for them to end their nuclear weapon program and to stop supporting terrorist organizations such Hezbollah, which does Iran’s dirty work by proxy.

We have warned Iran in the past that if they do not give up their programs that we may be forced to take military action against this radical regime and bomb suspected nuclear sites and any and all terrorist training camps that we are able to find, because make no mistake, they do operate them.

Iran also by using its proxy Hezbollah has trained upwards of 2,000 militia fighters of the radical Iraqi cleric al-Sadr and even has military advisors on the ground training the very people we are fighting and this is completely unacceptable to me and it should be to this country as a whole.

Iran is directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans soldiers in Iraq and something must be done to prevent the flow of explosives to Iraq to be used in roadside bombs against our troops.

President Bush has shown that he actually has the balls and fortitude to take on our enemies, no matter how much the “defeatacrats” want him to run away and not engage our enemies, but rather sit down and talk to them.

Iran says that they are ready to repulse any attack from the United States and they constantly are testing new weapons in the hopes of somehow intimidating us not to attack, which we all know will not work.

I’ve posted about this before, but there is no way that Iran would be able to slow the machine of war that we control, our bombers and strategic missiles would rain down on the Iranian country destroying all radar stations and opening up the country to attack by all other fighters and bombers not equipped with stealth.

Iran is killing our troops in Iraq and it must be stopped, I don’t care what it done, but it needs to happen soon and I believe our President believes this as well, which is why he has sent another carrier task force to the Persian Gulf, just in case Iran gets any ideas.

Even Condi Rice has stated, "I don't think there is a government in the world that would sit by and let the Iranians in particular run networks inside Iraq that are building explosive devices of a very high quality that are being used to kill their soldiers."

Iran has openly and freely advocated its hate and its wish for us to be destroyed, we must take them at their word and trust in the fact that it’s leaders have a death wish, one in which we must make a reality.

We have enemies and we must not let the Democrats and insane libs to be able to shift our focus from our enemies and divide us as they are surely trying to do, we must be strong and stand up, even in the face of overwhelming and blinding stupidity.

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