Sunday, January 07, 2007

The World Is Always Watching

There has been much talk lately about the impending message that President Bush will give on Wednesday and the expected announcement of a surge in additional troops to flow into Iraq, mainly in Baghdad and the Anbar Province where the violence is the greatest.

It is completely unnecessary to continue to undermine and downplay the significance of what our soldiers are actually accomplishing, but despite what you hear on the TV our soldiers are actually making a difference every single day they are there.

The troops on the ground in Iraq and elsewhere hear everything that is be said here about them and their actions and we have seen their reaction in various forms, to making creative pictures displayed by the Guard troops from my great state of Minnesota in the picture above.

It can also be shown by the fact that when John Kerry last visited the troops in Iraq, he spent the majority of his time alone, and there have been plenty of pictures and stories about that one.

The majority of Democrats who actually venture over to Iraq don’t even bother to get outside of the green zone and take a gander at what our brave and well trained soldiers are accomplishing on a daily basis and it does them a great disservice.

To retreat now after all that has been sacrificed by so many would be the ultimate slap in the face to all those who have given their lives in service of this great country and its something that should not be allowed to take place.

The Democrats gleefully follow the American fatalities and can’t wait for the next milestone to be passed so they can use those American deaths to their own political means and further their own liberal agenda.

Victory in Iraq can be obtained and we can win in the face of adversity, as we have done time and time again in the past, but we must not lose the resolve and commitment to see this country fight to the end.

All over the world there is evil that festers hoping, waiting, itching to kill as many Americans as possible, no matter if they are innocent civilians or our combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of the main reasons we have not been attacked since 9/11 is the simple fact that we have been capturing or killing terrorists worldwide and in my opinion taking the fight to the enemy has saved countless American lives, regardless if the Democrats want to admit it or not.

We have the capability to wage war on a level never before seen by mankind, but sadly the administration has been saddled with an overly biased liberal media and Democratic Party that wants him to fight this war in a PC fashion and it has caused unnecessary American deaths.

We should not be afraid to unleash our military might and let our troops do what they do best and that is kill people and blow shit up and if we truly want to end this conflict the only way is to let the lion out of his cage.

Victory must be our goal and we must fight the Democrats tooth and nail if we must, but we dare not fail, don’t forget the world is always watching the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.

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