Monday, January 08, 2007

Iranian Air Strike?

I have been paying attention to the growing tensions between Iran and Israel and after a flurry of reports coming out that Israel is preparing to attack Israel with the help of the United States and Saudi Arabia, something I would fully support.

I have some serious doubts about the feasibility of the plan considering that any air attack made by Israel would have to travel through extremely hostile airspace even before they make it to Iran.

I would be all for an attack on all Iranian suspected nuclear facilities, but if someone is going to do it, it needs to be us; we are the only ones capable of entering Iranian airspace undetected.

Although it might be possible to disassemble the Israeli jets and ship them to Iraq and the reassemble them and therefore bypassing the need to fly over hostile territory and if need be maybe land on American aircraft carriers, hell why not even launch them from our decks?

Our Air Force is second to none and we have the weapons and the planes to get the job done without much loss of life on our part, but I’m sure the Democrats will bitch and complain about this one too.

Let me introduce you to the world’s ultimate jet fighter, the F-22 Raptor, the world’s best stealth air superiority fighter, designed by the ultra reliable Lockheed Martin and was commissioned into service December 15th 2005.

This fighter is more than capable of entering Iranian airspace from bases already established inside Iraq and take out any and all Iranian radar stations closely followed by additional fighters to take out any Iranian fighters that actually are dumb enough to get airborne.

Even without this new fighter we took out the vaunted air defenses of Baghdad in the first Gulf War, just think of how easy it would be now with the F-22 to take out any radar stations that are unlucky enough to be in their sites.

I firmly believe this is the best way to attack Iran and keep the losses of life to a bare minimum and without the need to send in ground troops it would ensure that the campaign would not drag out into an extremely protracted engagement such as in Iraq.

I’m sure there would be some sort of backlash from the Iranians by maybe sending troops into Iraq to fight us, but if we are increasing troops as is the word and considering the great amount of support that we receive from the Kurds we should have no problem shutting them down right in their tracks.

There are those who say that we cannot fight on more than one front and to those people I tell you this, If is was not possible to do so, why would we have our forces poised all over the world ready to fight whenever necessary.

True they are there to prevent violence and conflict in most cases, but if need be we are more than capable of taking offensive action all over the world on multiple fronts and because of overwhelming air superiority we can be victorious.

No air force in the world has ever been able to keep us from imposing our will from the air and it will not happen when we attack Iran, but it is something that must be done to stunt the growth of their nuclear program because we cannot count on anyone else to do it.

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