Friday, January 05, 2007

The Democratic Miscalculation

I am 100% confident that with the upcoming Congressional and Senatorial sessions and the fact that both houses now are in the hands of the Democrats that the American people will see why they voted the Republicans into office in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi ascended to the proverbial throne yesterday becoming the first ever elected woman as Speaker of the House of Representatives, but she has yet to claim the title of queen bee within the Democratic Party as she had hoped.

That distinct privilege and honor would fall to the less than worthy Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton and it’s a title she won’t easily give up.

Hillary Clinton, like Nancy Pelosi believe that the agenda that they have put forth is the correct and responsible one, but what they never talk about is how anything they put forward will ever make it through the narrow advantage that they now posses in the Senate over the Republicans.

What is never mentioned by the Democrats and the mainstream media is the fact that there is a great deal of infighting going on within the upper hierarchy of the Democratic leadership.

In fact the Democratic Party has absolutely no concrete or consensus opinion regarding the Iraq War, they complain constantly about it and obviously have no desire to achieve victory, but they wouldn’t dare to not fund the military operations that are now taking place.

They also bitch and moan obsessively about how President Bush tortures innocent people on a daily basis, he wiretaps our phone calls whenever he pleases and that somehow with all the free time he has left over he controls the vast oil market and controls the prices.

First of all, if you consider blasting loud music to be torture like many of the Democrats today, you would have to arrest me and every single one of my friends because we have certainly done that.

Secondly, Bush is not wiretapping the phones of ordinary Americans, this is another lie that is pushed by the left, but what he is doing is listening into calls that originate overseas and that are known to be terrorists or terrorist supporters who are trying to call and contact their allies in the United States.

Lastly, how could one man, who is constantly called a moron and stupid by the lefty masses, suppose to be competent enough to control a market such as oil, George Bush is many things, but he is not that powerful.

The Democrats now have two years in which to try and force their agenda down the throats of every American, but I firmly believe that they will fail and the liberal side of many of these Democrats will come back to haunt them in the 08 election.

We must fight them every bit of the way and most never back down from this challenge because it is one that is far too important for us to fail on any level.

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