Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lessons From The Past

If you look back on our great and illustrious military history something extremely important jumps out at you from the pages of history and that is the fact that when we have “lost” wars, it was not because of the soldiers on the ground, but the politicians and the weak willed Americans who lost it.

Many people wrongly characterize the Vietnam War as a loss for American forces, but this couldn’t be further from the complicated truth that was obscured by the media.

Every military engagement of any reasonable size was handily won by the vastly superior American forces, due in large part to the overwhelming air superiority that we enjoyed over the skies of Vietnam.

We did not lose in Vietnam as the Democrats would have you believe, we left and that is exactly what we are trying to stop in Iraq today and we are ironically fighting the same political party as we did in Vietnam, the Democrats.

Leaving Iraq early would inevitably cause more unneeded death and destruction that the new Iraqi government would not be able to stop and than in turn would allow the growth of radicals in the country.

How many thousands of innocent people died after the Democrats forced our retreat and abandonment of the South Vietnamese people, something that certainly cannot be repeated now.

One simple fact the Democrats constantly seem to forget is what retreating from Iraq would do to the moral of our armed forces and our great country as a whole.

The Vietnam War was also a protracted guerilla war, on a scale far greater than what we currently now face in Iraq, but there are also many differences between the two wars.

For one, we didn’t have a media that so openly and gleefully supported and played enemy propaganda such as displayed by CNN playing the sniper video show by the terrorists.

The Vietnam War was also significantly longer with vastly higher amounts of casualties, with deaths in the range of 50, 00, which is a stark contrast to the 3, 000 loves lost in the Iraq War.

The media also glorifies and blows up each and every single American death trying to use those deaths to sway public opinion against the war and the greater fight on the war on terror.

The Democrats openly try and terrify the youths of this country by continuing to insist that President Bush has some secret plan to institute the military draft, something that is aggressively opposed by most top generals.

We should not fall into the same trap as in Vietnam where future Democrats such as John Kerry, called American soldiers baby killers and utterly disgraced himself.

No one ever told us that the Iraq War was going to be a walk in the park, far from it, everything I heard was that this was going to be a tough long process that would require great and unwavering resolve.

We have a chance to stop these Islamic savages right in their tracks and not let their sick and perverse world view be imposed on the masses by the sword alone.

This is the fight of our generation, one that was thrust upon us by these barbaric degenerates, we did not ask for this fight, but we must be the ones who end it on our terms.

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